WordSmith Records Video Production Services


WordSmith Records Video Production Services

 WordSmith Records does more than record music. The Marion Illinois record label also does a lot of promotion with several different types of media.

Our label makes music and business come to life visually with video creation for music videos and business commercials. Music has come a long way and is more than just something for the ears these days, and with all of the available sources for video to be found on the internet, having visuals for your music is also key for success.

Furthermore, our label also provides commercials for businesses. Commercial videos help get the word out about your company. We can also provide catchy jingles to help your business staying in the mind of potential customers as well. Once a business commercial, music band or solo artist video is created, it can be seen by thousands or even millions of viewers. One of the keys to having your video viewed more than just a few seconds is quality.

Our video production services start at $250.00 on up. Depending on the product demands, the sky’s the limit to the quality our company can provide for video creation. So, if you’re wanting a music video created or a commercial video produced, WordSmith Records can do it all and can often times work with any budget. Go to the contact page and contact WordSmith Records and use your choice of contact for a custom quote.