WordSmith Records Services

WSR logo newestThe Marion Illinois based record label WordSmith Records offers many services for musicians, entertainers and businesses. When it comes to music, a band or solo artist is considered a brand just like a business.

WordSmith Records has the resources to get businesses, bands and solo artist the exposure they need. Music bands and artists that are signed with the label get these services provided with no money up front and now our record label is also offering these great services to others who are not signed with the label for an affordable price.

Some services that we offer are video production for music videos and commercials for businesses. In addition to this we also offer services such as bookings, management, band development and artist promotion.

The team that WordSmith Records has backing them can do at all from music recordings, commercial jingles, graphics and everything in between to benefit businesses and artists alike. Check out some of our services listed or contact us for a custom quote for your music entertainment service needs.