WordSmith Records – A Record Label Located in Illinois

WordSmith Records – A Record Label Located in Illinoiswordsmith records - record label

WordSmith Records is a record label located in Southern Illinois. The company provides many services for their artists, groups and bands. Not only does WordSmith Records promote the artists signed to their record label but they also provide services for unsigned artists as well. The company does this to provide a great service to all musicians. This lets the label reach its goal of getting unheard bands the exposure they deserve while putting new music into the ears of fans!


Record labels are always looking for new talent to promote and record. The reason for this is that record labels are looking for the next big hit and they want their label attached to it. WordSmith Records finds new music artist several ways. The recording label will go on youtube, facebook, ReverbNation and to live shows in-order to find artist, groups and bands. We also get music submissions like mp3 files and hard copy CD’s. Our A&R team scouts the local area and the country looking for fresh new talent.


The location of WordSmith Records is in Marion Illinois, 62959. One of the best things about this record label is the fact they are based in an area not really known for musical talent by the rest of the world. Director James Arthur Smith IV says that there is a lot of talent in the area that are just waiting to be found and WordSmith Records will do their best to get their music out to the world!


Recording companies offer many things for the artist signed to their label. Some of the most beneficial resources of a record label are coordinating the production of music and music videos. Our label puts out money in advance to help the artists reach goals in their career. Most record labels will provide funds for recording, promotion and manufacturing. They also help enforce copyright infringing for their artist. Individuals, groups and bands sign a label contract to help them with their music career. The WordSmith Record label provides all this and more!