Reasons for a Booking Agent

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Reasons for a Booking Agent

Why is it good to have a booking agent you ask?  These agents take an immense amount of pressure off artists. They book shows, organize venues, and negotiate various jobs. They can only legally be hired in most states. Their jobs vary from working with venues to finding and hiring new artists.

When hiring your booking agent you need to be sure who you hire is fully capable of performing duties you require. They will be responsible for things such as booking shows, concerts or apossible television appearance. Your booking agent should be someone you fully trust, this person will be with you for long periods. Normally your agent will plan an entire tour more than just one show or gig.

An agent will receive payment out of the artist’s commission. This is normally around 10%-15% of the artist’s profits. They can sometimes do jobs such as promoting or collecting money for the artist.

A booking agent can handle genres such as classical rock, heavy metal, and country. They should be able to get your band shows almost anywhere. Some places to mention would be a bar, a club and even a cruise liner. A lot of the time booking agents will promote the artists they represent.

Depending on your state, there are qualifications to be a booking agent. You also want to ensure the agent will always know what is best for the artist. Many of these agents are actually musicians that have been in the business long enough that they know how to get things done.

Booking a gig without knowing what to do can be a very difficult task to achieve. Booking agents make a difference in an artist’s career. They go so far as to planning a years worth of events a head for said artist. So, obtaining a booking agent whether it is for a single artist or a group of artist is a very wise business decision. Having a booking agent will not only save the artist time but also stress. In addition, having a booking agent will help the artist gain more money and popularity.

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