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Music Mixing and Mastering Service by a Reputable Company

The Southern Illinois record label, WordSmith Records, offers mixing and mastering services for more than the artists on their label. There are several approaches when mixing and mastering music and WordSmith Records has found some of the best ways to get it done.

Several people attempt to mix and master their own music and many have success, but a lot of the time there is still something missing. As an artist, you have spent many years perfecting your music, learning your instrument and/or your vocals. The mixing and mastering engineers at WordSmith Records have spent many years perfecting their craft of mixing and mastering music.

Our music services will help you achieve the finished music sound that many of the pros have. The way we do it is by having several ears on each of the projects and each mixing and mastering engineer doing their part to perfect the music. We can do a lot for recordings by manipulating the sound but keep in mind that having a good recording in the first place will get you the best results.

Once we get all your project details we can then give you a more precise price quote for mixing and mastering your music. Go to the contact page at the bottom of to get a custom quote for your project. Also at the WordSmith Records store there is an item that can be purchased as a per song mixing and mastering combo for the price of $120.00.