Making your band sound great is a service the Illinois record label WordSmith Records provides!


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A live sound engineer’s work is done during live shows and in the studio. Your band sound man needs to be someone who has had more than ample time to work with you and your group. This will ensure he understands exactly how you should sound but any good sound man will get you close. A sound man’s job is primarily live sound engineering as well as studio sound. They will be the one you see mixing sounds in order to make your sound the best. Sound engineers work with a sound board or a mixing console in which the job here is to make the sound clear for loud speakers and enhance the sound quality itself.

Your sound tech or band sound man should possess high quality’s such as being punctual, flexible and be able to travel along with any other quality’s you require. He/she must also understand his job and be thoroughly aware of how his equipment should and will work.

There are many situations to hire a sound man or a live sound engineer. Some examples would be public speeches, rallies, music band performances etc. It is wise to have a team of live sound engineers. A small show, one or two workers should suffice. A larger show will be very difficult for just one or two sound men to run. In order to put on a good show you must have a good live sound engineer team.

The music that fans hear can be very different from what the band on stage might hear. The live sound engineer team makes sure all the sound is at its best. What we hear in the crowd, is everyone together, which on stage might be a little disorienting. So on stage, the band sound man will adjust each instrument to where the band members will hear what they need too.

Without a trained sound man or live sound engineer your show will not run as smooth as expected. You want a good show for your fans and having that good show requires you to have a good tech person.

WordSmith Records provides these services.