WordSmith Records Director James A. Smith IV Officially Announces Music Deal Publishing

Music Deal Publishing logo

January 14, 2016 WordSmith Records Director James A. Smith IV officially announces that the internal division of their publishing department has also become available for songwriters that are not signed to the label.  Starting at the beginning of 2016 representatives have begun the necessary steps to make this possible.

The publishing department still runs in conjunction with the record label but it now has its own entity as well. The Publishing Company is call Music Deal Publishing and they are looking for songwriters/Composers for 2016.

Ashlee M. Smith is a part of the Creative Department and a Publishing Administrator for Music Deal Publishing. Ashlee will be going over song submissions that the publishing company receives. James A. Smith IV is in charge of contracts and also works hands on with many aspects for WordSmith Records and Music Deal Publishing.

If you are interested in getting your music published, please go to the contact form at the bottom of http://www.musicdealpublishing.com and ask for details about submission and leave your contact information. The Publisher will only consider songwriters that go through this process. Do not send links to songs or email mp3’s unless someone from the publishing department requests it.