WordSmith Records is Also an Advertising Company – Southern Illinois – Marion

WSR record label logo

We also have other forms of advertising, just ask.

Here it is business owners, your chance to get seen by purchasing a one foot by one foot advertisement space on our banner. WordSmith Records  in Marion Illinois will be selling 1 foot squares for $100.00 or as many squares as desired or needed for your business logo and information to fit. WordSmith Records is also an Illinois advertisement company. If you currently do not have a logo we will create one for free with the purchase of your ad space. Not only will people see your business advertisement but you will help sponsor some members of the Southern Illinois local music scene purchase and update equipment.

Advertising is the key to getting the word out about your business or event. No matter how established your business is, you will always need to advertise. Just think about well established business that almost everyone in the world knows, they still advertise and have special promotions and deals to draw customers to their establishment.

Our ad campaign for you will be placed at the stage where our bands perform, that way people looking at the band will also see your business advertisement. The main band we will be placing these ads with will be a rock band called SIN-ical. The band plays rock music from the 80’s, 90’s and current years as well as some originals.

If interested in this limited advertising campaign for the Southern Illinois area please contact WordSmith Records, our contact information is located on our website and some examples are listed on the photos above.