The Phillips Band on The Spiel 2016 – Channel FOX 23

The Phillips Band on The Spiel - Fox 23

On November 3, 2016 The Phillips band recorded on The Spiel, FOX 23 in Carterville, IL 62918. Phillips performed 2 songs that will be available at the WordSmith Records Store as well as all major digital download platforms. The Phillips band also did an interview with Angie Wyatt and Juli Ingram. They talked about the songs and some of the meaning behind them.

The actual air date for this interview and performance is projected to be around 6 weeks from today. You can stay up to date with The Phillips Band by going to their Facebook page located here

The band is in the middle of recording their new album called Lineage with their record label WordSmith Records. A release date for the Lineage album is still in the works but some singles are available at the moment with more to come.

Below are some more pictures that were taken by Jim & Ashlee Smith’s phone. We hope you enjoy and remember to get your favorite Phillips songs online or at a live show!!!

The Phillips Band was shown on Fox 23 on 2/13/2017 here is the video on YouTube. The band starts their performance around the 40 minute mark. Hope you enjoy!!!

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