SIN-ical’s Album Evil in Me is Completed and for Sale – WordSmith Records – Music Deal Publishing

SIN-ical Evil in Me albumSIN-ical Evil in Me CD Back - WordSmith Records -Music Deal Publishing

3/17/2016, Marion Illinois, members from WordSmith Records, and the rock band SIN-ical announce that their album called Evil in Me is completed. The members from SIN-ical met up with WordSmith Records Director James A. Smith IV this week for a final listen to the album before it became available to the public.

Evil in Me is available as a digital download at the WordSmith Records store as well as many other well know digital download locations this month.

Physical copies are also up for purchase in addition to the digital release of the album. Get out to a SIN-ical show and get your CD signed by the band. Members from the band, Music Deal Publishing and WordSmith Records will be at Herrinfest 5/29/2016 when SIN-ical opens for the famous band, FOREIGNER, this will be a great chance to get your physical copies of Evil in Me signed. There will also be a limited 200 copy amount of CD’s that can be purchased online and at a SIN-ical performance. All the limited copies will be numbered, get your autographed copy at request by:


Darren Davison – Lead Vocal/Guitar

Carl Vansant – Backup Vocals/Bass

Matt Prince – Drums

Get your special limited edition CD’s here, while supplies last.

Ashlee Smith from WordSmith Records is continuously moving forward with the next steps in the marketing process to get this album into the ears of rock fans.

SIN-ical has worked very hard on this album to make songs that their existing and new fans will love. There are 11 rock songs on SIN-ical’s Evil in Me album. For You is song number 11, it is a song that was recorded with Chris Cruzz on vocals. Chris was one of the original members of SIN-ical and one of the founders. Unfortunately Chris passed away at a young age, the band made a song in tribute to Chris called A Little Too Late which is track 6, and added it to this album a few weeks before the recording date.

This is a must have album for your collection of 2016 rock. Strong drums and Bass Guitar with the right blend of guitar to top it off. The band will have their album release party for Evil in Me within the next few months, but every show from now till than will be a party with awesome music!!!