Phillips New Single “Kiss My Ass” Released September 3rd, 2016 – WordSmith Records

The Phillips BandThe Marion Illinois record label Wordsmith Records, and the band Phillips, are announcing their first single they have recorded with Southern Illinois label. The new release is called “Kiss My Ass” and it’s off their soon to be released album called “Lineage”. The new single “Kiss My Ass” will be released on September 3rd, 2016.


Here’s a list of what instruments the Phillips band plays on this single:

Timmy Philips Jr. – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Timmy Phillips Sr. – Cajon/ Bass Guitar/ Harmonica

Travis Stell – Rhythm & Lead Guitar


 The new single “Kiss My Ass” is available as a digital download at the WordSmith Records store as well as many other well know digital download locations. Check it out at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Store, AmazonMP3, Apple Music, Deezer, eMusic, iHeartRadio, Mediant, Rhapsody,Tidal, xbox Live, and YouTube Red


The members of Phillips and WordSmith Records Director James Smith IV and Manager Ashlee Smith have worked very long and hard on this single. They all wanted to create a song that you will all enjoy. It’s a song they had a lot of fun recording. The band is proud to finally have it finished and ready for release.


Phillips likes to consider “Kiss My Ass” their Southern Illinois anthem. It’s a very catching tune that you won’t be able to get out of your head. The song has definitely been a favorite. When performed live at shows fans always ask to hear the band play it over and over again! Phillips always get a great response from the crowd whenever they play it!


They’re are still in the process of recording other songs as well. Phillips is a very talented, hardworking band. They are very dedicated to making music that people will like. So there’s no doubt that you’ll love their new single “Kiss My Ass” recorded by the label WordSmith Records.


WordSmith Records and Music Deal Publishing will be manufacturing and distributing the full new album “Lineage”. The new album will be released early next year in 2017. So keep an eye out because you won’t want to miss it!