MoonStock 2017 Walker’s Bluff August 18th – 21st The Phillips Band is in The Tasting Room on the 19th


Walker’s Bluff located in Carterville Illinois is an awesome winery where MoonStock 2017 will be held at on August 18th – 21st. There are many awesome bands that will be filling the stage. Many of these big name bands have been around for years and have had many hit songs that you know and love. This event is a must attend especially because Ozzy Osbourne will be performing Bark at the Moon during the solar eclips. There are also many national and world touring bands that will be attending and performing live.

WordSmith Record’s, The Phillips Band will be performing at the tasting room on August 19th from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm. The Phillips Band will perform many of their new original songs along with some cover tunes that you will love to hear.

Make sure to get out and see all of the major and local bands in action and enjoy your time at Walker’s Bluff MoonStock 2017 event.